• LBR Intelligent House

  • APPROVED INSTALLERS for the Fibaro systems. 

    Fibaro is probably the best building
    automation system in the world today.
    Fibaro is fundamentally different. Where other
    home automation systems focus primarily on
    the control of AV equipment, Fibaro is a
    complete solution for the monitoring,
    management and intelligent automation of
    living and working environments.
    Fibaro’s system of modules and sensors allows
    your home or oce to intelligently respond to
    the changing environment, effortlessly
    maximising your comfort, safety and energy
    efficiency. Fibaro is more than just an
    intelligent electrical system. It is a trusted host,
    a personal manager who will take care of you,
    your family and your home. Fibaro is
    powerful, affordable, flexible and efficient.
    The highly compact modules and sensors can
    be installed behind light switches, above doors,
    on ceilings or walls and are compatible with
    every common electrical system. Z-Wave
    technology allows Fibaro modules to
    automatically establish and manage their own
    wireless network, and enables you to
    accommodate products from nearly 300 other
    manufacturers into one seamless home
    network, unifying the devices you use every day.
    The Fibaro system works by absorbing
    information, processing it and making intelligent
    decisions. If you go away on holiday and leave
    the heating on, Fibaro can message you and ask
    if you’d like to turn it off. Fibaro will alert you
    when battery-powered devices are running low
    or if it starts to rain and your windows are open.
    Fibaro updates itself, monitors itself and can
    even alert you if other manufacturers’ devices in
    your home break down.