• No longer see messy cables wires and boxes in every room



    Simplify the living spaces in your home. Our multiroom systems help you hide away set top boxes and get rid of unnecessary remote controls for a neater, cleaner home.

    Get added value for money from your TV subscription packages. HDanywhere multiroom systems allow one Sky HD box, for example, to be shared between all of your TVs.


    Share devices

    Want to give guests access to the Sky Box in the spare bedroom without paying for an extra Sky multiscreen box? Kids want to watch the same DVD but in a different room? HDanywhere multiroom systems allow you to share devices between TVs located in different rooms, making them perfect for guests and large families.



    You don’t have to stop watching a movie because it’s time to make dinner time or get ready for bed. All of our multiroom systems have a Follow-me-TV feature that lets you pause your DVD, Sky or TiVo box in the living room, for example, then hit play in the kitchen or bedroom to resume watching right where you left off.

    Tidy away set top boxes

    Declutter and simplify your living space by locating all of your media devices and set top boxes (Sky HD, TiVo, Freeview, Bluray and DVD players, media centres and games consoles) in a specific room, on shelving or in a cupboard. You connect your media devices to a multiroom hub, instead of directly to your TV.


    Experience HD video and audio

    The multiroom hub delivers HD video and audio to your TVs over a single cable, called a Cat cable. The Cat cable connects to a mini receiver that fits discreetly behind your TV. The mini receiver connects directly to the TV via a HDMI cable. Access the content of every media device connected to the central hub at any or all of your TVs.